Booking A Wedding Band In Melbourne

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Booking a wedding band in Melbourne

Today’s blog is in response to a few questions we’re often asked about when clients need to book their wedding band in Melbourne. As anyone who’s planning their wedding knows, there are a hundred-and-one things to think about and organise. For example, the venue, service, invites, flowers, photographer, clothes, speeches… and of course your wedding band.

The easy answer to the question ‘when should I book my wedding band?’ is of course: as soon as possible. Typically Paris by Night Entertainment is booked 6-12 months ahead of performance dates. This is especially the case for summer Saturdays. However, if you’re getting married on a Saturday in December then ideally, get in touch with us the summer before.

How far down the road do my plans have to be?

The only essential requirement is that you must know what date your wedding or event will be. After that, you can make a deposit payment to secure Paris by Night Entertainment as your wedding band. Once you have your venue booked, then we can fill in all the other details.

The post-Christmas rush

December is a busy month for Paris by Night in terms of performing. However, it’s January when we always receive a flood of enquiries from clients. interested in booking for their summer dates. Christmas is a busy time for most of us, so wedding plans often go on hold until the new year. With this in mind, get in touch with us before the Christmas period gets underway and you might just snap us up for your summer date before the rush.

What if I’ve left booking my wedding band to the last minute?

There’s many reasons why clients leave booking their wedding band in Melbourne until close to their wedding date. Some weddings are spontaneous, some clients have to see through work commitments before they can be sure when they will be free, etc. If you’re planning your wedding just a few months in the future, as always, contact as soon as you can. Although most summer Saturdays are booked way ahead, there’s always a chance that we’ll still be available for your date. In conclusion, the sooner you get in touch, the better.

Weekday weddings

Saturdays are by far the most popular days for wedding bands in Melbourne. However, Paris by Night is also booked for many weekdays throughout the year, with Fridays being the next busiest day. There is certainly a little less demand for weekday bookings but it’s impossible to predict when enquiries will come in. Therefore, yet again, the advice is to try to contact us as soon as possible.

If you are planning your wedding and would like to book Paris by Night Entertainment as your wedding band in Melbourne, contact us now through the contact form, to receive your all-inclusive quote.

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