Awesome Wedding Reception Songs To Put Your Guests In Party Mode


Awesome wedding reception songs. One of the biggest concerns that couples face while hiring a wedding band, is to make sure that their guests are having fun. Numerous wedding bands fail to get the perfect balance between new and old songs, upbeat and laid back, sentimental and carefree music. So, while choosing the best cover band in Melbourne, make sure they have the right experience to deal with all kinds of guests.

Paris by Night finds the right balance to get everyone on the floor, from your grumpy grandpa to your shy best friend to your crazy sisters, we get everyone on the dance floor.

Amazing Wedding Reception Songs To Get Your Guests Dancing

Paris by Night has the perfect song list that’ll make your guests groove.

“Levitating” by Dia Lips feat DaBaby

Levitating is one of the most popular tracks in 2021. This song will surely make your guests feel like they’re dancing on air. The music of this track is like magic that takes you on a pop and hip hop journey with two of the biggest artists out there right now.

Levitating would be a song that we could associate with the decade. The toe-tapping baseline will get the shy guests on the dance floor.

Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

We’d be crazy if we didn’t include this amazing and toe-tapping song on our list. As many are well aware, Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars teamed up to release this dynamic hit. Uptown Funk sparked various covers, spinoffs, and remakes. It is one of those songs that makes people dance for years to come.

If you want guests to dance at your reception, then you should definitely choose this song. It will set the mood for the rest of the evening.

Dance Monkey by Tones and I

If your goal is to keep your guests on their feet, then you should definitely listen to Dance Monkey by Tones and I. Everyone is tempted to break out their best moves with these universally loved hits.

Our talented musicians know exactly what and when to play, giving your guests the ultimate experience.

I Like Me Better by Lauv

Need a dancing break during the reception? I Like Me Better by Lauv is the party’s slower bops that can make your guests groove.

The key to making sure guests of all ages have a good time, is only possible if you have the right balance. We also take special requests from you, to please your crowd.

Suit and Tie By Justin Timberlake

Speaking of dancing, any wedding reception is incomplete without Justin Timberlake. Suit and Tie is the perfect song for your wedding reception that we can play. The beats are playful and easygoing, that can make your guests groove.

Ladies and gentlemen at your wedding reception will have no choice but to sing along and dance to this number.  

Oye Como Va’’ by Santana

Whether you’re enjoying drinks with guests or taking pictures with your wedding party, friends and family, this song will set the tone for the rest of the evening and make your guests feel good.

This fabulous song is perfect for cocktail hour.

Good As Hell By Lizzo

After the traditional ceremony is over and speeches are done, it’s time to invite all your guests to the dance floor. This powerful electronic tropical house song can set the vibes for cocktail hour, dinner, or even your dance party.

The modern time is an extremely catchy beat that your guests won’t be able to resist. Plus, the lyrics are super sweet.

Blinding Light By The Weeknd

As you know, The Weeknd is known for his throwback-style pop and this song is no exception. However, this song was released in 2019, but it is still popular for 2021.

The best part about this song, is it gives a modern twist to an 80s music set and you can easily blend it with modern R&B hits.

Check Out Our Full Wedding Song List

Our cover band has learned hundreds of songs, spanning a variety of decades and genres in order to provide that perfect balance for your wedding reception. We provide our full wedding song list right here on our website. Check it out and reach out to us to discuss the details of your upcoming wedding ceremony and reception.

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