Best Rock Music For Your Wedding Reception


Some couples just love rock music at their wedding reception. No Pop, Motown, R&B, Country, or Folk, all they want is pure rock. If you are wondering whether or not rock music should not be played at your wedding reception, you are wrong. You can choose a rock song to play when you walk down the aisle as an acoustic version.

But, if you really want to get all your guests onto the dance floor, you should go for a mix of rock music. There’s nothing better than rock n roll music by a live wedding music band in Melbourne.

Paris by Night have the right experience to play some classic hits from across the decades and reach out to all generations. We also ensure to bring all your guests to the dancefloor.

What Are Some Of The Best Rock Songs To Play At Your Wedding Reception

Check out the suggestion below

Good Vibrations by Beach Boys

You will fall in love with the lyrics “Close my eyes, she’s somehow closer now. I know she must be kind when I look in her eyes”

This song was built from 90 hours of short musical fragments, which were placed later together. If you want to spread some vibes, then this is the song that you should play.

Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton

Wonderful Tonight is a soft rock ballad and it would be great if you play this song. After all, this song is very appropriate for a bride on her big day.

The song is perfect to make your audience move and ensure that every guest is having the best time of their lives.

She Loves You By Beatles

The title and the lyrics make it perfect for your wedding rock playlist, the song will give you the feeling of love everywhere.

Every generation is going to enjoy this song. Be ready to see some unexpected dance moves from your friends and family. The song can magically break down the barriers of self-consciousness of your guests.

You Need Love By Styx

With this song, the stage and dance floor becomes a magnet for your guests. The energy, buzz, and fuzzy feeling of this song will make the atmosphere magical.

The song never fails to fasten friends and family together with arms wrapped around each other. The beat will take away all the shyness from your guests.

Wild Horses By The Rolling Stones

If you’re a fan of The Rolling Stones, then you are lucky. Most of their songs are perfect for a wedding ceremony.

Wild Horses will make your audience groove when you’re ready to have your toe-to-toe with your partner. This song is popular at wedding receptions and your guests are going to love it.

Without You By Harry Nilsson

Do you love dancing? If yes, you should definitely go for Without You! This cheesy song will create a balmy, fun, and crazy atmosphere for your wedding reception.

If you want your guests to let their hair down and have a fun time, play this song. We’re telling you, it’s a secret to a happy and happening dance floor.

To be honest, rock music doesn’t have to be loud. The usual decibels should be no more than 120 when it is played well. If you have great musicians with years of experience and good equipment, you can have the best rock music at your wedding reception.

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