Father-Daughter Dance Songs For Your Wedding


Father-daughter dance songs: A father-daughter relationship is the most loving bond ever. The father-daughter dance at a wedding is really one of the most iconic moments of a wedding. It is a moment of gratitude and the best way to thank your father for everything.

It might seem confusing to pick a song for your big day dance. We are here to help you out with the best songs that will work out to capture your relationship. We have an amazing list of songs that will pump up your wedding.

How To Choose?

Before finalizing your song choice, make sure that you & your father love the song you’ll be dancing to.. No one knows your father-daughter vibe better than you do. You can also take suggestions from your fiance and family. You never know if that might add more fun to your dance.

Paris by Night offers you a set of songs that you will be pleased to hear. We have all kinds of unconventional or traditional tracks to play that will soothe you and your guests.

We have a lot of experience playing songs for such occasions and can help you choose the best father-daughter dance songs. Also, we make the songs more personalized by choosing the songs that remind you of your best memories with your dad.

Some emotional songs that remind you of the moment when he first taught you to ride a bicycle, your first school disco or some amazing childhood incidents. We can pick your favorites and make a cluster of songs that would seem like a movie of memories in your head.

Here are a list of some songs to choose from.

Daddy by Beyonce

This is one of the most popular songs to prepare a dance with your father. This song is a crazy love song. You can put this song in the list and entertain your guests with your memorable performance.

This song was released in the summer of 2003. Moreover, your dad will love to dance to this track.

My Little Girl by Tim McGraw

It is one of the famous songs of the Charleston Wedding. It’s also a popular song for the modern day brides. The guests at your wedding will swing with joy and happiness.

This music track is like magic and creates a beautiful connect between your dad and you. You will be reminded of all the cherishable moments spent in your life time.

My Girl by The Temptations

This song will surely set your mood for the rest of the evening. It is a famous song on which most of the brides want to rehearse a dance with their father’s.

It brings out the emotions and make it memorable for the rest of  your life.

Count On Me By Bruno Mars

This is indeed the perfect pick for a peppy father daughter dance and match your fun personalities. Even your guests will enjoy the mood of the song.

This song is perfect to cheer up the crowd and also create cute father-daughter moments.

Walk With You by Edwin McClain

If you wish to surprise your father, this is the best song ever. It will surely take him by surprise as it describes your emotions as a daughter and the beautiful bond that you share with your dad.

Having a slow and meaningful dance with your father adds a lot of memories that you will carry in your heart forever.

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