Planning Live Music For An Outdoor Wedding


Your wedding ceremony is very important, and we believe great music can lift up your special day in every possible way. Planning live music for an outdoor wedding is very important and will make your special day more memorable. To add more sparkle to the celebration, you must hire the best wedding band.

When you hire a live music band, there are no chances of a malfunctioning PA system or CD player. Our musicians at Paris by Night, provide you with the best outdoor wedding experience. Music is the best addition to pump up any event.

If you plan to have an exotic wedding function at your favorite outdoor location, we promise to provide you the very best live music. We have some popular unique ideas to make the music fun and enjoyed by all.

Acoustic Guitarist or Pianist

At a wedding, you need a fusion of different music styles for various ceremonies. You can hire an acoustic guitarist to play an elegant and electric repertoire, or on the other hand, a pianist will create an intimate and romantic atmosphere.

Piano is also a valuable instrument that can provide you with the best music in any weather. Along with fun and frolic, our main objective is to make the wedding more memorable to you.

Rock/Pop Band

You can choose the band according to your budget and style. If you wish to have a unique band, we can help you. A Rock/Pop band can give you a festival vibe and be the best way to celebrate your wedding.

Funk and Soul

If you plan to have a formal outdoor wedding, a band that plays soul music is the perfect fit to relax your guests. If you choose this kind of group, classic songs like Higher and Higher or superstition are essential dance floor fillers.

Paris by Night is Melbourne’s leading live entertainment company. We provide you with various styles of wedding music loaded with many fun moments.

Practicalities Of Live Music Outdoors

Weather Planning

Before you finalize a band, there are some essential factors that you need to consider. Planning for bad weather is one factor. Bad weather can somewhat add complications to the smooth running of the performance.

The rain can cause damage electrical equipment. Moreover, within a short interval of time, it’s not easy to remove the whole setup. We ensure that we carry covers and cases so that the wedding runs well and is not affected by bad weather.


We make sure to make use of generators. They are easily available and are not risky to handle, unlike electrical extension cords. Whilst we do use a lot of equipment, you will have no problem with the entertainment.

Paris by Night has the right experience to deal with any power cuts. We have been gracefully performing at various venues, regardless of different weather conditions and electricity problems.


Another factor is to select the theme. We make sure that our outfits suit your theme and will engage with your guests. We keep a balanced playlist, focused on the crowd and ensuring it caters to all age groups.

As a result, we’ve gained a lot of experience in our field, and possess the qualities that you require for an outdoor wedding event. Paris by Night has left a memorable mark wherever we’ve performed. In conclusion, we’d be more than happy to create great memories on your big day that you’ll truly cherish for a lifetime!

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