The Best Wedding Songs For Your Big Day


From the split second you walk down the aisle, to your departure as newlyweds, your wedding music sets the tone for the rest of the day. Planning for a perfect wedding is surely a thoughtful process, but not anymore, as we are here with the best live music bands for you to hire.

Your big day is the most awaited day for you and your family. From function center, bridal look, to decor, everything needs to be on point. You definitely want your wedding to be regarded as the best wedding ever. So, here we are with the most popular wedding band, Paris by Night!

We are a package of entertainment. As you know, good music is the soul of any occasion. For an effortless wedding, we have plenty of music inspirations for your function, from cutting the cake to exiting in your getaway car.

Essential Points To Consider While Choosing Songs For Your Special Day

Here is a list of events for which you need to choose the right songs at your wedding.

Dance Music

At your wedding, you will have guests from all generations- children, friends, parents and grandparents. The best weddings are those where everyone, irrespective of any age, generation, etc, gets out on the dance floor and bursts out their moves.

While we perform on stage, we don’t stick to one style of music but rather, we consider playing a wide variety of hits ranging from multiple decades to please everyone. With many years of experience, we’ve mastered the art of engaging with the audience and guests.

Ceremony Music

Most ceremony music pieces are preferred from the classic genres. Classic music is evergreen and remains the all favorite form of entertainment. Some couples also choose to go with modern contemporary music for their wedding.

We have expertise in classic, rock, and many other music genres. We can play any genre and your guests will be raving about the songs we played at your wedding.

Wedding Processional Songs

Processional songs are played when the groomsmen, bridesmaids, flower girls, ring bearers, parents and grandparents enter the ceremony. The bride is the last one to enter, along with her father. The correct music selection is ultimate for the couple.

The processional music is generally traditional hymns or any of your favorite pop-up tunes that everyone is familiar with. We have love songs for every occasion that will have your guests sing along with the playlist.

First Dance

Your first dance as a couple can be a very sentimental performance for you. If you’ve already chosen a song in your mind that you relate to, it can be a great pick. If you haven’t yet decided or you’re confused, we can surely help you out.

We’re also able to create personalized songs for you. We can add a different tone or lyrics which will make the song and your performance much more memorable.

Father-Daughter Dance

A father-daughter dance is an emotional handover and a protective nod to the groom. It is a sweet and sentimental performance.  A song that is close to you and your dad, or one that reminds you of some amazing childhood memories spent with your dad will be perfect.

Our expert musicians can make this dance extra special for you. Our ability to think out of the box, ultimately leads to making the performance even more embracing.

Paris by Night is a team of highly talented and experienced musicians who have travelled and performed all around the globe. Our team have received immense applause and appreciation for our work.

We always deliver our best. If you are looking for a versatile band, be quick to make your booking!

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