The Do’s And Dont’s Of Choosing Wedding Ceremony Music


There’s so much excitement and anticipation when a bride walks down the aisle. For any bride, this is the moment she’s been waiting for since childhood. Naturally, everything has to be perfect at your wedding. From gown to shoes, food to music, everything has to be perfect.

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Do’s and Dont’s Of Choosing Your Wedding Music

Your special day deserves a beautiful soundtrack, from the walking down the aisle, to the exit of the bride and groom. Before you start creating a list, there are so many things you need to consider. Below are the do’s and dont’s to get your wedding music right.

Do Set The Mood

Paris by Night understands that your big day is emotional and romantic. You will likely choose a song that is filled with emotions for your wedding ceremony. Make sure you choose music that can define your emotions.

You can add instruments to enhance all those magical things you will be feeling as you walk down the aisle to your future husband.

Don’t Feel Like You Have To Stay Traditional

While a pianist or harpist might be beautiful traditional music, they are not your only option. Whether you are looking for acoustic guitar + vocalist, soul choirs, or even a live band, we have it all. Never settle for recorded music, make sure the songs you choose are appropriate in lyrics and style.

Do Make it Ambient

No matter what wedding ceremony music you are choosing, make sure it’s ambient and comfortable for listeners. Don’t forget to consider the volume, make sure the pace is slow and calming.

This will help your groom relax and give you a natural rhythm to match as you walk down the aisle towards him.

Don’t Make a Last-Minute Decision

The song you just listened to on TV last week might seem like the perfect choice. Think about it before you choose it for your big day. Trendy songs come and go, and you listen to them so many times you fall out of love with them. So, you need to make sure you choose the perfect song for your big day.

Obviously, you don’t want to remember your wedding ceremony like this, so approach the latest tunes with care and try not to make a last-minute decision.

Do Make It Appropriate

If you’re having a civil ceremony, you should go for religious music and we have a list of perfect songs. If you are having a religious wedding, there might be a limit on what you can play too.

Make sure you check beforehand, so you have time to find the perfect wedding ceremony music

Don’t Forget To Pick a Song For Your Walk Out Too

Many brides think about what music to choose for their wedding ceremony, but what about when you exit the church as newlyweds. It’s otherwise known as recessional music. You need to make sure that you choose a musical accompaniment for this too, as it will be the first walk you take as a married couple.

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