Things We Do To Fill Up The Dance Floor Every Time


Many wedding live music bands focus solely on the songs when it comes to filling up the dance floor. But, songs are one piece of a special jigsaw, There are lots of Things We Do To Fill Up The Dance Floor Every Time.

However, the importance of the right wedding playlist cannot be underestimated. After all, it is the first impression your guests will have of your wedding and it will also set the mood for the entire day. 

What could be more uncomfortable than a large assembly of people sitting and waiting for a wedding ceremony to begin in silence?

Paris by Night has more than ten years of experience, here’s what we’ve learned is important to set the right mood for your wedding ceremony.

Top Things We Do To Fill Up The Dance Floor Every Time

Here’s how Paris by Night makes your wedding ceremony more special and memorable

Night Fever

Our band has an enormous passion to give you contagious fever and it goes viral across the dance-floor. We have that WOW factor that can make your wedding day more special and memorable.

Every couple who books us deserves nothing less. 

Intuition is our Superpower

Our band has got that timing spot when it comes to choosing which song to play and when. We don’t stick to a rigid setlist, we read the room and mix up the songs as necessary.

Excellent musicianship is important but intuition is really what’s needed and this comes largely with experience.

Paris by Night specializes in weddings and we have played at more than 100 wedding events.

Simply The Best

There’s nothing more upsetting than hearing distorted speakers trying to fill out a marquee or the music stabbing everyone’s eardrums in your dream venue.

Poor sound equipment can push people away from the dance floor instead of drawing them to it. Paris by Night has the highest quality of instruments and sound system that can entertain your guests.

Baby Bear’s Porridge

If the band is too loud or too quiet, it will have an impact on the atmosphere. It is really important to get the volume right just like Baby Bear’s Porridge.

We have the right experience and great equipment to manage the sound in every venue. By comprising a male and female vocalist, guitar, drums, keyboards and bass, we deliver an energetic live performance of pure funk, soul, hip hop, and pop classic.

To make things fresh, we regularly update our song repertoire.

Spice Up Your Life

Finally, the songs! There are lots of ways to spice up your wedding playlist. Paris by Night will assist you throughout the process and will help you select the best songs for your big day.

Whether you’re having a themed wedding or a simple one, we have the ability to create a perfect atmosphere to make it memorable. Wedding guests come of all ages and love to hear songs from their era, our musicians have the right talent to play the right songs at the right time.

And who doesn’t want to hear an oldie they followed by an 80’s classic – followed by a rock song – a bit of RnB and so on! It’s what makes the mood so vibrant, exciting and most of all, memorable.

Why Paris by Night Is So Special

What’s a better way to set the scene with some magical live music? While your friends and family are waiting for the wedding ceremony to begin, we play some calm and serene songs to settle down the nerves. We know which songs should be played at which point in time.

Paris by Night has years of experience to make your wedding day even more memorable and special. We take your personal recommendations very seriously and if you are confused about your wedding playlist, don’t worry.

Don’t be afraid to ask us questions based on your wedding playlist, we will be happy to help you out. We care for you and we are happy to answer and questions or concerns.

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