Type Of Music You Should Have On Your Wedding Day


Hiring a live music band for your wedding can create a fantastic atmosphere and make your big day even more special. There are tons of live music bands in Melbourne, but the question is which live music band to choose? Paris by Night is Melbourne’s number one wedding and event band that will create a night of spellbinding and seamless entertainment and a memorable experience for you and your guests. Here at Paris by Night, we have a wide collection of songs and a huge range of styles from rock to modern, helping you decide the type of music you should have on your wedding day. We pride ourselves on providing only the best, professional musicians for all aspects of your big day – from the ceremony and pre-dinner drinks, to the evening party.


What Type Of Music You Should Have At Your Wedding?

Are you confused about the music you should have at your wedding? Here are some suggestions that might help you.

Vintage Style

Nothing is more fun than theme weddings. If you have a theme wedding party, then Vintage style music will do justice. Our music band will fit in with your theme and ensure to set the scene.

Are you going to have a vintage-themed wedding? Why not choose a vintage-style band to make your wedding ceremony truly memorable and unforgettable. We have several songs to create a perfect afternoon and evening to entertain your guests. Paris By Night brings the touch of vintage class to your big day.

Our collection of vintage-style music can whip any audience into a frenzy, with hundreds of amazing reviews from satisfied clients. We are guaranteed to entertain your guests of all ages and musical tastes.

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Soul Music Style

Do you have a big age range among your guests? Do you want your wedding atmosphere to be classy and romantic? Paris by Night has the right experience and music taste that can cater to entertain your guests of all ages.

Soulful vocal and amazing musicians have made us stand out from the crowd, our reviews speak everything. We have all the ingredients required to take any party to the next level.

Paris by Night is available from a 3 to 10 piece line-up, providing an amazing musical night at your wedding.

Pop And Party Style

Paris by Night ensures to keep everyone on the dance floor with our fantastic song choices. We include floor-fillers to kick-start your wedding night, bringing amazing dance-floor favorites for your big day.

With keys and sax featured in their line-up, Paris by Night effortlessly recreate the dance-floor fillers from every decade. We know the perfect moment to alter the tone of the evening and change things up to get the party started.

We always come with an enormous repetoire of music to ensure there’s a plan B if the mood and energy starts to dip. Our party playlist needs to be an eclectic mix of your own favorites as a couple, and a range of songs from different genres and eras that your guests will enjoy too. We perform the playlist in order to warm people up and keep them dancing all night long.

Jazz And Acoustic

Perhaps you want a more relaxed atmosphere, or are looking for perfect acoustic afternoon wedding entertainment? Our band has incredible pianists, guitarists, and singers, all of whom add to the perfect atmosphere of your day.

We will liaise, to discuss you and your guests’ musical tastes in order to create your perfect playlist. We have thousands of songs to choose from our repetoire. If there’s a particularly obscure song you want, we track it down (no pun intended).

Paris by Night will provide a slick and fun performance. Whether you’re looking for a good old-fashioned knees-up or an evening of “cheek to cheek” romantic classic, we can play it all. Our hugely varied set-list and endless musical talent will make your guests want to dance until dawn!

Why You Should Choose Paris by Night For Your Wedding

Planning a wedding reception is quite daunting, and you want everything to be perfect from gown to music. If you want to give your guests an unforgettable experience, then you need to hire the best wedding band to help you decide the type of music you should have on your wedding day. Paris by Night offer the best live dance music for your family and friends to enjoy. We also guarantee to excite your guests and pack the dance floor.

By hiring us, you will get the following benefits:

  • Unmatched Atmosphere
  • Best music choices
  • Amazing audience interaction
  • Go with the flow experience
  • Groove your audience
  • Years of experience

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