Wedding Band Hire Melbourne – Why Hiring A Wedding Band In Melbourne Is The Best Thing You Can Do


Planning your wedding entertainment is another important thing after planning the catering, venue, and theme. Having the best music on your wedding day can break the ice and it will also set the tone for the rest of the day. Paris by Night is the best wedding band in Melbourne that has the right experience to uplift spirits, raise energy levels, and create a peaceful ambiance.

Wedding Band Hire Melbourne

After your wedding breakfast, ceremony, photographs, and cake cutting, It’s time to let your guests enjoy your wedding reception. What’s better than listening to live wedding music in Melbourne and letting loose on the dance floor with your partner and family? Paris by Night has the right experience to create an awesome atmosphere. Hiring us would be the best thing you can ever do. Why? Check out the list of reasons below.

Live Wedding Music Hire In Melbourne Is Ultimately The Best Choice

Live wedding music is so much better than hearing it from DJ speakers, even if you have a high quality sound system.

A live band can change the entire atmosphere and ambiance of any venue and ceremony. It will also enhance the atmosphere of your wedding reception and make your day even more memorable. Live music is infectious and even if you’re not into any music, the beat will get you moving.

Melbourne Live Wedding Music

The Unabashed Romance

Live music is very instant, on-the-spot, fleeting, and very personal. When the emotions are high at a wedding ceremony, a song can help control your emotions and soothe the atmosphere.

After your wedding ceremony is over, your first step as a couple is a special moment that you will cherish for life. So, to make it even more memorable, a live wedding band can perform your favorite song. 

It’s your first song at the wedding reception. We can make it more memorable and special for you.

Melbourne's Best Live Wedding Band 

Unlimited Possibilities

Paris by Night doesn’t only play at your wedding reception, but we can play during the wedding ceremony, canapes, etc.

Why settle down with standard organ music? We give you various types of music options that can make your wedding day even more memorable and special. You can go for brass, pianist, or an acoustic guitarist – the possibilities are limitless.

You can have music during your wedding breakfast, at your champagne cocktail, or even to welcome your guests at your venue during canapes, etc.

Whatever Your Taste

The best thing about hiring live wedding entertainment is that there’s a perfect band that can match your style and taste. Whether you like a pop covers band, jazz band, rock band, we have it all.

We have the right experience that can cater to all your tastes. If you are into 80s or 90s music, we will sing the best songs from each era’s best artists. We guarantee to create an elegant atmosphere.

Melbourne Wedding Bands


Another great thing about Paris by Night, is our ability to engage with the guests, encouraging them to dance. Whether it’s dancing or singing, we have the right experience to get your guests on the dance floor.

Because of our years of experience, we can read the crowd to get a feel of what your guests enjoy. We know what to play and what not to play to make your wedding even more memorable and special. If your close friends and relatives are quite rowdy, we will surely play up to this. We will make them have an amazing night of interactive entertainment.

Melbourne Wedding Band Hire

To be honest, there’s something classy about a live wedding band, as they can play all your favorite songs on your special day. Whether it’s a song from your first date or a song that reminds you of something special about your partner, we can play it all.

Given that it’s your wedding, you must add some romantic factor. So why not make your day more memorable and special with a live wedding band?

The first dance is very special to us, as it’s your first dance as an official married couple. If you’re confused about your first dance song, don’t worry, we’ll help you out. We can learn any song for you and will make sure that we sound as good as the original artist.

A Day To Remember…

Undoubtedly, your special day will remain in the memories of your friends and family for several years to come. So, having the best band will help you make your special day even more romantic and memorable.

Hiring the best wedding band in Melbourne will give you a party you’ll never forget and a night that will be remembered for many years.

We are completely worth it!

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