Why Hire Us For Your Wedding


Why hire us for your wedding? The music on your special day has to be personal to you as a couple, but it also needs to be appreciated by your wide range of guests. Having the best music on your wedding day is important.

The best way to reduce the burden of music and entertainment is by hiring us. Paris by Night is a professional wedding entertainment band in Melbourne with decades of experience in the wedding industry. Every song played by us on your big day, is carefully selected to connect with your audience.

After the ceremony, wedding breakfast, taking photographs, and cutting the cake, we take control of the entertainment and ensure every guest is having a great time.

Why hire us for your wedding? Trust us, there is nothing better than listening to live music and letting loose on the dance floor with your partner.

Why You Should Choose Paris by Night For Your Wedding

Check out the below points to know

The Unabashed Romance

We are very instantaneous, very fleeting, and very personal. When it’s your special day, where emotions are already running high, we have a special set of songs that is perfect for your special moments.

For your first dance, we have a perfect soundtrack that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. If you are nervous about dancing in front of all your other guests, you’re not alone – we will be up there for you and get everyone else involved immediately after your first dance finishes.

Amazing Audience Interaction

Hiring us won’t just give you music. You’ll also get an energetic performance, which is just one of the reasons you would hire us for your wedding! There’s nothing better than good music accompanied by some dance moves to make your guests want to get up and dance. Having everyone feeling good at your wedding is our top priority, and we ensure that you and your guests have the best time on your special day.

We know how to read a room and pick up on what your guests respond to, and change the setlist accordingly.

The Unbeatable Repertoire

We work closely with you in the months leading up to your wedding and will do everything to learn each of your requests. We offer you a custom-made setlist for your enjoyment, making your special day even more special. Whatever song you choose, we ensure to play it at your wedding.

Making each event special and memorable is our top priority.

 Go With The Flow

Paris by Night will be as flexible and supportive as possible on your special day. Even if you have any last-minute changes or you are running late, we can adapt to your schedule or make announcements between songs.

We understand that changes happen more often than you would think, so we are in your corner to help navigate these changes.

The Unstoppable Possibilities

We not only play at your wedding reception but also, you can hire us for the day. We will play whenever you want during any specific points of the ceremony.

When you walk down the aisle, our duo or trio is all set to make your special day memorable. We have the perfect set of songs for wedding breakfast, at your champagne or cocktail reception, or even welcome your guests to your venue – the only limit is your imagination.

Guests Will Be Raving Long After The Party is Over

We truly understand that it’s not the ceremony that guests will remember, but the entertainment. It will not only increase the excitement during the celebration but have your guests raving long after the party is over.

You’ll hear many more compliments about your wedding band than about a DJ.


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